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Moldova is a small country with a troubled past. Moldova is a destination worthy of an honorable place in the tourist map. Although the Soviet occupation and protracted political and military rivalries, Moldovans are hospitable people and the capital Chisinau offers everything a visitor could want - many parks and monuments devoted specifically to Prince Stephen the Great, but also personalities from Romania. Moldova is an ideal destination for shopping and in particular for high-quality wine and a variety of chocolate products. Although called "Moldovan" language is virtually the same as Romanian. It differs only with strong emphasis that is the result of long years of occupation and Slavic influence. You will be surprised to find speech Moldovans archaic phrases and words that people in Romania do not use long ago. Moldova has fertile soil and rich history, monasteries and ancient forests. But the biggest attraction is the production and wine tasting. Distinguished wineries Mileshtiy Mitch, coats, Purcarete, guarding and Orhey. Moreover, much of the tourism industry is based on folklore, customs and culinary agritourism - pensions and lodges located in the surroundings of an authentic landscape, offering traditional dishes prepared from organic food.




Negrea is a commune (rural municipality) of district Hincesti, Republic of Moldova. The commune is located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova, 65 km from the capital Chisinau and 26 km from the district center Hincesti. Village Negrea counts 2050 inhabitants and is the only village in the commune.

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Hincesti area is located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova, in a wooded area. Administrative center is the city Hincesti. It is situated on the small river Kogalnik, 35 km southwest of the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. The region Hincesti has a total 63 cities, including a city (Hincesti) and 62 villages.

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