European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP) is a network of cities and institutions of places where peace treaties or capitulations are signed. These places are aware of the historical events and commemorate them. With the mandate of a past of wars the members of ENPP work together to build a culture for peace nowadays and  in the future.

The objectives othe network are:

  • Establish an Independent European Association comprising members from every European country;
  • Encourage and support its members to bring about regular celebrations of the Peace Treaties and Conventions;
  • Propose to the European Parliament that every member of the Association where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed be classed as an EUROPEAN SYMBOL OF PEACE;
  • Contribute to the enhancement of those places in Europe where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed;
  • Setting up representative office each in every European country or in other continents;
  • Set up a EUROPEAN PEACE ROUTE, linking all the places, as members of the Association, where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed;
  • Celebrate partnerships with Universities, Schools, and European Scientific Institutions, to promote and defend Peace;
  • Promote, both within and outside of the Association, the disclosure of its activities, through new information technologies.

In 2013 EICT Eureka became a member of the  European Network Places of peace. The historic event which Eureka presented as a place of peace is the village of Kaynardzha. Here, in 1774 is signed a peace treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. With this contract was given the right to Russia to protect Christians in the Ottoman Empire. The peace treaty is also known as Kyuchuk Kaynardzha.


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