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Istro-Pontic Cross-Border Tourist Chamberwas founded in November 2011. It was set up by EUROPARTNERS Association andEurekaEuropean Institute of Cultural Tourism – non-governmental organizations from Dobrich, Bulgaria, and the National History and Archaeology Museum - Constanta, Romania. The members of the Chamber have a long-term experience in the public sector and the Dobruja tourism development support. They share the EU values ofgood neighborhood policyand cooperation between cross-border communities. Our main objective is to achieve sustainable mutual social and economic development by placing value on the yet unused, due to the many years of separation, opportunities and unique advantages of the cross-border region along the Danube and Dobruja.

We established this cross-border chamber in order to join the efforts of all interested parties from the cultural institutions, tourist businesses, local authorities, non-governmental organizationsandeducational institutions aimed at setting up and developing Cross-border Istro-Pontic Destination for Cultural Tourism, using in an efficient, ecologically aware and sustainable way the region’s competitive advantages: its unique cultural and historical heritage and natural resources – various great cultural and historical monuments, ethnographic and natural landmarks, a major part of them being of international and worldwide significance.

Through the Istro-Pontic Cross-Border Tourist Chamberwe also strive to bring closer, both socially and culturally, the people living in the cross-border region, to increase trust and consolidate their communication and ultimately contribute to their well-being.

Mission and vision



The mission ofIstro-Pontic Cross-Border Tourist Chamberis to support the parties interested in the development of the Cross-border Istro-Pontic Destination for Cultural Tourismfacilitatinga better regional development and the social and cultural well-being of local communities.





The main objectives through the achievement of which the Istro-Pontic Cross-border Tourist Chamber is to fulfill its mission are as follows:

  • To develop a prosperous and competitive Cross-border Istro-Pontic Destination for Cultural Tourism (CIPDCT) hereinafter referred to as the Destination
  • To assist the achievement of a high level protection and placing value on the cultural and historical heritage in CIPDCT
  • To assist the achievement of a high level protection, conservation and placing value on the environment in CIPDCT
  • To facilitate the balanced and various supply of tourism services in CIPDCT based on the cultural and historical heritage and innovative tourism products
  • To create and maintain a unique and positive image of CIPDCTon the international tourism market
  • To facilitate the social and economic well-being of local communities in CIPDCT
  • To achieve complete implementation, consideration and integration of various points of view and interests of all parties interested in the development of CIPDCT
  • To create and develop local abilities for management and development of the Destination and its products


 In order to achieve its objectives the Istro-Pontic Cross-Border Tourist Chamber (IPCTC) will use the following means:

  1. Setup and maintenance of an effective organizational structure of the Chamber. Support and development of the Chamber’s institutional and expert capacity by means of participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, internship programs,  projects aimed at institutional consolidation, etc.;
  2. Cooperation with Bulgarian and international organizations and institutionsin performing joint activities, initiatives and projects related to the achievement of the organization’s objectives.
  3. Operation in a network of all parties interested in the development of CIPDCT;
  4. Collection, processing, systematization and storage of valid statistical and other data with the purpose of creating and maintaining an information database that is useful for the development of CIPDCT;
  5. Carrying out various studies and analyses of the prospects, trends, policies, approaches and good practices for supporting and developing the competitiveness of CIPDCT.
  6. Publishing, printing and distributing brochures, information bulletins, advertising and other printed materials that the Chamber finds necessary for the achievement of its objectives;
  7. Holding information campaigns required for the achievement of the Chamber’s objectives;
  8. Organizing, holding and participating in seminars, round-table discussions, work meetings,debates, conferences, exhibitions, expos and any other similar public events with a view to support the development and promote CIPDCT and its products;
  9. Advising the interested parties on any matters, solutions, activities, processes and projects related to the planning, management and development of CIPDCT and its products;
  10. Setting up and maintaining an information system of the parties interested in planning, managing and developing CIPDCT and its products;
  11. Providing expertise and consultancy assistance to representatives of the interested parties in designing, managing and reporting projects financed under EU programs and by any other benefactors, which are useful for the development of CIPDCT and its products. Development and execution of separate and joint projects;
  12. Assisting local businesses and any other representatives of the parties interested in the development of CIPDCT in making business contacts in Bulgaria and abroad;
  13. Initiating a dialogue with the purpose of assessing, defining and following any policies aimed at developing CIPDCT;
  14. Developing innovative approaches and pilot projects in the field of creation, promotion and supply of products and services to CIPDCT and increasing employment;
  15. Research and assessment of the needs of interested parties to expand their capacities for designing, managing and developing CIPDCT and its products;
  16. Holding special courses and training programs aimed at producing the required professional staff and at enhancing the capacity of interested parties to design, manage and develop CIPDCT and its products;
  17. Encouraging the implementation of good practices, European and international standards and know-how, experience and expertise exchange between representatives of the partiesinterested in the development of CIPDCT, as well as with any other national and international organizations;
  18. Facilitating the cluster development process and the public-private partnership as a means of enhancing the investment climate, business environment and the local economic potential for developing CIPDCT, including by means of implementing joint ventures with local authorities;
  19. Any other activities contributing to the achievement of the Chamber’s objectives and not prohibited by law.

More information about the Chamber can be obtained from their official website by clicking here!

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