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Project Cross border business center for tourism and related activities development Agri-Food Fish Market, MIS-ETC 599, Subsidy contract 21083 / 14.03.2013 under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013


 The project stared its implementation on 30.03.2013. Lead partner is Munisipality of Navodari, Romania. EICT EUREKA is secound partner. Projects budget is 1 469 164,14 eur. Main goal and objective is to stimulate business  cooperation in Navodari  and Balchik cross-border area by: 

  1. Creating common business infrastructure which will enhance the competitiveness of fishery and tourism business; 
  2. Direct business meetings and experience exchanges for creating business partnerships between Romanian and Bulgarian tour operators and fishery business;
  3. Creating a common framework for selling Romanian and Bulgarian agri-food fish products, through the Agri-food Fish Market;
  4. Business promotion services – organizing fish festivals, seminars,promotional brocure, flyers, posters, gastronomy guide with traditional fish food from Bulgaria and Romania, etc.

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