From March 12 to June 4 2014 the Center for Vocational Training to аssociation European Institute of Cultural Tourism EUREKA conducted training for 9 persons in the profession "Tourist guide", code 812030, Specialty "Tourist guide services", code 8120302, third degree of professional qualification, direction 812 "Travel, Tourism & free time", contracted by the municipality of Balchik.

The training was conducted within the project "Improvement of tourist attractions and related infrastructure in the territory of Balchik" contract № BG161PO001 / 3.1-03 / 2010/005.

To achieve the project goals and objectives of the training were used global and national good practices and innovative models of professional training. Teachers fully implement interactive teaching methods, with the active participation of students. The course was visualized by examples and accompanied by practical exercises.

Moreover there were lots seminars and study tours.

-         Was visited the town of Dobrich and its attractions with a focus Regional Museum of History of Dobrich.

-         Was visited the town of Varna and its attractions with a focus Varna Regional Museum of History. During both trips had exercised the technique on a guided tour by bus.

      -          Was visited the objects supported by the project: fort, the Mill, the Tekke and the Historical Museum of Balchik.

-          Study trips for purposes for explore cultural and historical landmarks of northeastern Bulgaria.

-          One day school excursion around the route: Kaliakria, golf complex "Thracian Cliffs", Historical Museum in Kavarna, Green Eco-center in Shabla and Dourankoulak Lake.

-          One day training excursion around route: Kamenci, Small, Silistra.

-          One day training excursion around route: Tekke-Obrochiste, Toshevo, Krushari - Fortress Zaldapa.

-          Tour of Balchik Municipality; presentation of a guided tour; visit the village Church.

During their production practices each student was able to present a guided tour of Balchik Municipality. So were applied in real conditions all the knowledge and skills acquired during the training course.

Was held one day school trip to Bucharest, where students again exercised their skills in speaking to audience with microphone and learned the formalities in organizing trips abroad with the necessary documents and insurance formalities when crossing the border by group of tourists. The tour was led by the teacher Antranik Manukyan, who is a professional guide.

Following this training nine students acquire the necessary competencies to practice the profession "Guide" and received a certificate for part of profession "Guide".

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