The Municipality of Viana do Alentejo and the Association European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP), within the scope of a Protocol established between the two entities, today submitted to the Regional Directorate of Culture of Alentejo (Portugal) a transnational application for the European Heritage Label (EHL) with the common name “Places of Peace”

which includes, in addition to the Paço dos Henriques, in Alcáçovas (Portugal), six more sites located in six Member States of the European Union, possessing a Common Immaterial Heritage since in all of them relevant Peace Treaties were signed.
The European Heritage Label (EHL), established in 2011 by Decision No. 1194/2011 / EU of the European Parliament and the European Council, aims to distinguish sites that represent a strong European symbolic value and which give visibility to both common  European  history and the construction of the European Union (EU) as well as the European values ​​and human rights that underpin the process of European integration.
The application was submitted in the category of “transnational site”, that is, a site that combines several sites located in different Member States that focus on a specific theme and includes, in addition to Paço dos Henriques (Portugal) as the applicant coordinater site, the Historical Complex of Alcañices (Spain), the Castle of Trencin (Slovakia), the House of Peace of Vasvár (Hungary), the Monastery of S. Francisco of Zadar (Croatia), the Park of the Historical Fountain of Kaynardzha (Bulgaria) and the Cotroceni National Museum in Bucharest (Romania).

 enpp 12.2020

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