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Constanta is located on the western shore of the Black Sea and for centuries has been a crossroads of important trade routes connecting East and West. The city is distant 185 miles from the Bosphorus.

Constanta has an ancient history of 2500 years and is the largest seaport in Romania.

The ancient name was Tomis Constanta. Legend has it that Jason arrived here with the Argonauts after finding the Golden Fleece.

Tomis was founded by Greek colonists from Miletus in the sixth century BC аnd in '71 BC. Chr. being conquered by the Romans. Roman Emperor Constantine the Great renamed it in honor of Constance sister. The name was shortened to Constanta during the Ottoman era. During the 13th century, when the Genoese merchants dominated trade in the Black Sea, Constanta flourished. The city experienced a decline two centuries later under Ottoman rule.

The city flourished again in the 19th century. During the reign of King Carol I, who decided to revive Constanta as an important port and seaside resort. For a short time in the city appear exquisite mansions and hotels.

Constanta is the fourth largest port in Europe, retreating only to Rotterdam, Antwerp and Marseille.

The city is the third largest in Romania and an important cultural and economic center, worth a visit. Constanta is known for its archaeological treasures and the atmosphere of the old town. The city is dotted with landmarks: historical monuments, ancient ruins, grand Casino, museums and shops, and proximity to the most popular beach resorts make it the center of attraction for tourists Black Sea. Constanta attracts a number of restaurants, nightclubs and cabarets that offer a wide variety of entertainment to its visitors.

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Eforie is a resort town on the Black Sea, located in the southeastern part of Romania in Dobrogea region/district Konstantsa. Eforie includes populated places Eforie Sud and Nord Eforie. Eforie Sud is the oldest beach resort on the Black Sea, which dates back to the beginning of 1899. The resort beach - the main attraction reaches a length of 3 km and a width between 20 and 100 m. Northern part of the resort it is bordered by high coast, which is the promenade lined, well known in the resort.  

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