District Dobrich - General information


The district of Dobrich is situated in the Eastern part of the Danube Plain. It is located next to the districts of Varna, Shumen and Silistra. The climate is one of the driest in the country, but at the same time the area is very fertile and is called the "Granary of Bulgaria”. Agriculture is the main industry in the region.

The area has a rich diversity of natural and archaeological sites - Shabla and Durankulak, Kaliakra, sea side resorts, museums and rich archaeological etnographic exhibitions. 

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The city is an independent municipality and an administrative center of the district, and also one of the ten largest cities in Bulgaria. Dobrich is an important cultural, economic and administrative center, located at the heart of Dobrudzha region. Although archaeologists found the remains of antiquity and early Middle ages, the modern city was officially established in the 16th century as an important trading center within the Ottoman empire.