26-27 May 2017 / Viana do Alentejo, Portugal - the 10th annual conference of the European Network “Places of Peace”, in which NGO“European Institute for cultural tourism “EUREKA””has been a member since 2013, took place. The Network includes cities/settlements where peace treaties or capitulations were signed and organizations which support the establishment and promotion of the European Route “Places of peace”.

The network includes municipalities and NGOs from Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Its main objective is building a culture of peace and promoting mutual understanding towards resolution of conflicts. New members were admitted during the conference - municipalities from Evora-Viana dо Alentejo and Alcáçovas, Portugal - as well NGO from Bucharest, Romania. Thus, the organization welcomed three active members, eager to remind of historical places and contribute to the preservation of peace.


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2Reception in Alcacovas 1 1030x687

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